Promedis® Products

Pioneer Clinic introduces the latest in aesthetics from North America, under medical guidance only therapeutics.

Promedis® are an advanced development of a new generation of therapeutic, pharmaceutically pure and clinically proven, anti-ageing skin care to complement and enhance the IPL Laser, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, Sculptura, fillers etc. These can be used pre- and post- procedure to prepare the skin and aid the recovery process. They protect skin from environmental stress, reduce sun damage and help enhance the performance of sun blockers in sun care products.

The Promedis® line of anti-ageing products consist of dietary supplements and topical formulations. They can also be used independently of other procedures. This is not another skincare regime consisting of cleanser, toner, day and night moisturisers. The formulations are not focused to any particular skin type either. Anyone, of any age and skin type may use these products to maintain healthy skin appearance and help prevent ageing. These are modern, clinically proven and exciting performance formulations, developed primarily to support aesthetic, dermatological procedures. These are not beauty salon or department store cosmetics.

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