What our Clients have to say about the treatment they received at Pioneer Clinic:

” Treatment, attention of staff excellent. I have just finished the first six months of treatment. I am very pleased with the results. I look forward to seeing the results of both sets of injections over the next few months.” K.M.C

“Only had two treatments and already most of my hair has gone. No longer have a need to shave! Amazing results! Wish I had done it sooner. Fantastic friendly staff, always make me feel welcome and looked after. Dr Ncube is a wonderful man, always professional, yet friendly and always puts me at ease”. Thanks – SP

“I am 30 something woman I developed facial veins, leaving it looking red and patchy. I then consulted Pioneer Clinic-my skin tone has improved considerably and my complexion is no longer red. Thanks to Pioneer Clinic IPL/laser treatment.”

Customer Comments

“I have found the treatments and service at Pioneer Clinic to be friendly and efficient and most important – very effective.” M.C. GATLEY

“I had Nitrogen Therapy for my verrucae, which was not helpful. I went to Pioneer Laser Clinic and had two IPL laser treatments and my verrucae have gone.”

“I can not tell you how thrilled I am after 44 years of having veins on my legs to be able to wear a skirt or dress and not have to hide my legs in summer.” A.K-R. DIDSBURY

“I am very happy with my treatment and aftercare, I received. I found William, the doctor very professional, kind, and I felt he really worked my face well. It looks so natural and I have gained my confidence back and enjoying my fresh look. The staff are very welcoming and kind.” Thanks.

“I had been thinking about having my leg veins treated for years. Why did I wait so long. IPL treatment is quick, easy and only mildly uncomfortable. I’m really pleased with the results. I wish I had it done sonner.” D.O. Withington